Grab a yummy taco!

12South is one of the busiest streets in Nashville. You can always find people walking up and down the sidewalks, taking pictures and going in and out of restaurants. One of my favorite stops is Taqueria del Sol. If you like chips, queso and guacamole, you need to try Taqueria. Whenever I go, I usually split the chips and dips with a friend. For my entree, I get the brisket taco or the chicken enchilada. The brisket taco is served with pico de gallo in a flour tortilla. The chicken enchilada is made with roasted chicken and topped with your choice of beef red chili, pork green chili or my personal favorite: the lemon cream sauce. If those options don’t sound good to you, you can check out its menu online for more choices. Taqueria del Sol has been one of my favorite places to eat in Nashville. It is affordable and delicious. Have you eaten here before? Would you try this restaurant?

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