Join a cooking class!

If you are on the hunt for some good eats, I suggest you start in your own kitchen. For some people, cooking does not come naturally. If you struggle in the kitchen, you may want to sign up for a cooking class. A few weeks ago, my cousin and I registered to take a cooking class in Memphis. We made some adorable macarons! Our instructor took us through the recipe step by step until the sweet treats were ready to be served. Our class was at a fun little shop called Sur La Table. While we made a fun dessert, there are other options. They also have different dinner and lunch choices. You can sign up for whatever meal sounds the most appetizing to you. There are places like Sur La Table all over the place. Nashville offers a cooking class at Dabble Studio. Other classes can be found online. Would you try any of these classes? What do you want to learn to cook?  



4 thoughts on “Join a cooking class!

  1. Cooking has always been an interest of mine. The best thing I know how to cook is scrambled eggs…but I can say very humbly that they are the best scrambled eggs you will ever have. I’ll have to check out some of these classes to add to my food-making portfolio!


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